Can a chiropractor feel a herniated disc?

When it comes to treating herniated discs, many people turn to chiropractic care as a potential solution. But can a chiropractor actually feel a herniated disc? The short answer is yes.

Chiropractors are highly trained spinal experts and are able to perform a physical examination that can detect a herniated disc. They will use their hands to feel for any areas of tenderness or pain in the spine, as well as to assess the range of motion and flexibility of the spine. They may also use X-rays or an MRI to further confirm the presence of a herniated disc.

Chiropractors are also able to use their knowledge of the spine to identify the exact area where the disc has herniated. This is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment process, as it allows the chiropractor to determine the best course of action to treat the herniated disc.

Chiropractic care is a great option for those suffering from herniated discs and is safe, natural, and non-invasive. If you are looking for an effective treatment for a herniated disc, it is worth consulting your chiropractor to see if it is a viable option for you.

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